Three Mascots on a Shelf

This was one of the best shelves I saw at the flea market last weekend.

That’s the Shoney’s Bear on the left. He’s plastic, hollow, and not that desirable. He was $6.

On the right is of course Grimace, Ronald McDonald’s oldest, purplest friend. This Grimace was a ceramic bank, priced at $25. I am not sure if this was actually a licensed item or not, but I really wanted him regardless.

The fellow in the middle is the old Pizza Hut mascot. I have not seen one of these in many years. At $35 this little guy was a bit steep for me (especially considering it didn’t come with a pizza), but was probably priced appropriately.

During business hours I am sure these three competitors would never be allowed to fraternize with one another, but after the doors have closed I am glad to see the three are allowed to share a shelf (and perhaps food-related stories) with one another.

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