Creepy Classics King Kong Figures

Creepy Classics King Kong Figures

There seems to be plenty of love here for King Kong so I thought I would add a little bit more. These are the Creepy Classics line of monster figures from 2006. Found mostly at Dollar Tree stores around Halloween time back then. I love these little figures and for a buck each how could you go wrong? There was a total of 12 figures available. 6 standing figures and 6 finger puppet figures. In addition to King Kong there was Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, Wolfman and Godzilla or King of the Lizards as it is stated on the packaging. Each of the finger puppets are holding a club as if ready to battle. I really like the artwork on the packages and you can see below that each figure came with a cut-out card on the back. I have never been tempted to destroy my set of figures since they look so happy sealed inside their plastic tombs.


In addition to the figures, Creepy Classics also offered vintage monster movie posters of all the creatures I mentioned and playing cards adorned with the same monsters. I got all the figures and 2 of the movie posters which are hanging on the walls in my den to this day. Every Halloween I check the Dollar Tree stores hoping for a return of these items but have yet to find any others.



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