Twin Easter Toonage

Twin Easter Toonage


The Funny Little Bunnies has no plot to speak of, it’s just 7 minutes of little bunnies making chocolate treats and painting eggs. It accomplishes it’s goal though, that of creating a very festive holiday mood. The best bit by far is the part where one bunny is posing nude in front of his friends, so they can carve his naked likeness into chocolate bunnies for the little kids. You can see how much he’s getting a kick out of it in the screencap I chose.


The Egg Cracker Suite is very similar to the previous cartoon, except that this one actually weaves a story (albeit a simple one). This one features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit leading his army of bunnies & chickens as they prepare easter eggs. This cartoon has much better comedic timing than the previous one (not surprising, since this was done by Walter Lantz, of Woody Woodpecker fame), the primary gag is of a tiny bunny who gets a massive egg to carry.

I chose these two cartoons for this article because they are so similar in content. However, they are connected in another way as well. The Funny Little Bunnies was a Disney cartoon, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was originally a Walt Disney character, a sort of proto-Mickey Mouse. Disney was working under Universal studios at the time, left over contract issues, but had to leave Oswald as well since he didn’t retain the rights to the character. Universal eventually gave the character to Lantz, while Disney went off and created Mickey and founded the Disney company.


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