Easter Fever

Easter Fever


Along with my article about the claymation easter special, I decided it’d be fun to bring up more oddball easter specials, ones which are rare and decidedly less “little kid-ish” than the standard fare. In this article I’ll be discussin Easter Fever from the Nelvana studio (the same studio which produced other oddball cult faves like Cosmic Christmas and Intergalactic Thanksgiving).

Jack, the Easter Rabbit is retiring and being given a celebrity roast (which includes parodies of some popular celebrities such as; Don Rattles (Don Rickles), Steed Martin (Steve Martin), Scrawny Chicken (Tawny Kitaen)). During this roast we get his life story in the form of flashbacks. Apparently he was abandoned as a baby and taken in by some chickens (now we know the connection between bunnies and eggs!). The chickens were poor, so when xmas rolled around they just gave him a painted egg (here Jack, this could have been your brother, but we decided to hard-boil him and paint him, and give him to you to eat. Merry xmas!), which fell out of his stocking during the night, so he had to hunt for it (thus was born easter egg hunts!)

In the end, an aardvark (which they repeatedly refer to as being a kid, despite the fact that he’s being made to work like a slave in the club’s kitchen, I guess child labor laws don’t apply to anthropomorphized animals) gives Jack the last easter egg, which causes Jack to change his mind about quitting.

This special doesn’t pander to little children, nor ramble on about religion, it’s just a fun & silly romp. This is a special which will appeal to both adults & children (if you can get past the rabbit’s jive talking).


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  1. I am not sure if I had seen this before, but I really enjoyed it. I like when specials seem dated.

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