Claymation Easter – You Heard it Through the Jellybean

Claymation Easter – You Heard it Through the Jellybean


Will Vinton, the guy who brought everyone singing raisins also produced a trilogy of holiday specials. Many of us are familiar with the Christmas one, but the Halloween and Easter ones are far less known. While I watched the Christmas one annually as a kid (and sometimes still do) and even have an old recording of it, I hadn’t heard of the other two until more recent years. I watched the Halloween one on youtube a couple years ago but have been unable to find the Easter one, fortunately someone uploaded it to Youtube just in time for this year’s holiday.


While the Christmas special was mostly just a bunch of songs and vignettes strung together, this one is an actual story. Some total washout of a pig decides to become the next Easter Bunny so that he can use his fame to make lots of moneys doing commercials and whatnot (for Cadbury eggs, perhaps?). In order to accomplish this he goes to the real Easter Bunny’s house and kidnaps him, then dons a rabbit suit and persuades a radio personality to teach him how to be a real rabbit. The radio rabbit seems to be wise to the pigs dirty schemes however and seems to intentionally make the pig’s training torturous. After the radio rabbit discovers the Easter Bunny in the pig’s home, the pig then feeds both rabbits to a shark and goes off to the rabbit races. (Apparently some ancient rulebook decrees that if the Easter Bunny vanishes, other rabbits should compete in some lame games to choose a replacement, instead of giving a damn what happened to the original.)

This was my first time seeing this special, and I have to say that it was pretty good. It’s refreshing to see an Easter special that isn’t all mamby-pamby.

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. They actually sell a DVD set with all 3 of the specials together.. I have this to watch with my kids still, but we haven’t found the time yet.. Perhaps the day after Easter will be a good time… ;^)

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