Saturday Frights: Cast A Deadly Spell (1991)

Saturday Frights: Cast A Deadly Spell (1991)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back to all of you horror hounds and fear friends, we’ve got a great presentation of Saturday Frights lined up for you this evening. We have for your entertainment the 1991 HBO film ‘Cast A Deadly Spell’! It’s a tale of an alternate 1940s where magic is prevalent and everyone uses it to make life just a tad easier for themselves. You need some extra labor perhaps on the cheap? Then you get yourself a bunch of zombies to do the heavy work. Mythical creatures and the Great Old Ones exist and flourish in this universe but there is one hold out though…one man who refuses to use magic in any way and that just happens to be private Detective Phillip Lovecraft.

Cast a Deadly Spell stars Fred Ward (Tremors, Remo Williams) as Phillip Lovecraft, David Warner (Time Bandits, The Omen), Clancy Brown (Highlander, Buckaroo Banzai), Charles Hallahan (The Thing, Dante’s Peak), and Julianne Moore (Boogie Nights, Hannibal).

There was a sort of sequel to Cast A Deadly Spell entitled ‘Witch Hunt’ that starred Dennis Hopper…but in my opinion it is inferior in every way. So grab your favorite beverage and snacks and join us at Saturday Frights as we walk the beat with Phillip Lovecraft in Cast A Deadly Spell!
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My thanks as always to the amazing artistic talents of Sean Hartter for that wonderful header you see up top. Visit his blog by clicking on the link provided to see such wonderful things as Godzilla Versus Conan!


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