Behind The Scenes: Superman (1978)

Behind The Scenes: Superman (1978)

Already giddy over the magic that Star Wars brought to my life I was even then not prepared to see an actual Superman film back in 1978. Director Richard Donner certainly made one of my favorite comic book films especially with the awesome cast he assembled. Personally the late great Christopher Reeve to me is the epitome of how Clark Kent/Superman should look and act.

Watch: Do you remember this lost Christopher Reeve audition?

As well as the over top performance of Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor. Then you have the rest of the cast, Marlon Brando, Glenn Ford, Margot Kidder, Ned Beatty, Jackie Cooper, Terence Stamp, and Trevor Howard.

When the movie played at what at the time was the Razorback Twin Theatre (At the end of its days it had six auditoriums in total) in my neck of the woods it was shown in both of the auditoriums and at the concession stand there was a multitude of Superman items available to purchase from coloring books to collectible movie magazines to comics and even two different types of Kryptonite!

The greatest thing about Superman was that I had no idea the movie was coming out, I can vividly recall pulling into the parking lot seeing the lines of people and see the name on the marquee and I can recall my Father grinning at the surprise. Magical times.


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