Dragon’s Lair “Giddy Goons” Deleted Scene

Dragon's Lair
Here is an unexpected treat for us fans of the classic Dragon’s Lair arcade game. A deleted scene popped up on YouTube thanks to csneddon00 that shows us an alternate take on the Giddy Goons room sequence.

As it is now in the game you enter the room and are confronted by a Giddy Goon that Dirk dispatches with his sword before moving up the stairs to his right with a pack of Goons behind him, once again he is attacked by a Giddy Goon pack and slays them before beating a hasty retreat from the Goons behind him.

Now look at how this could have turned out…

You’ll notice the sequence that got cut still has the death of the Goon scene in the attract mode for the game.


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