They Live Featurette Featuring Roddy Piper (1988)

With Dollar Dave’s fantastic Top 10 matches in WrestleMania yesterday it got me thinking on my favorite wrestler back in my youth. Rowdy Roddy Piper, a heel perhaps but still charming enough to make him the one my Family always looked forward to watching.

Then one day we heard that, I think it was a segment on Entertainment Tonight actually, that Piper was going to be starring in the next John Carpenter film entitled ‘They Live’. The film didn’t disappoint. Here is a behind the scenes featurette from back in 1988 taking time with Piper and John Carpenter discussing the character of John Nada and Piper himself.
[Via] Carter J Burke

Boy…at the :17 mark…doesn’t Keith David looked a little miffed at Piper?


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6 thoughts on “They Live Featurette Featuring Roddy Piper (1988)

  1. This movie was unexpectedly good and one of the last great John Carpenter movies. Roddy Piper was very good in this style of picture as well. Featured the great line “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass..and I am all out of bubble gum.” LOL..

    Great featurette..this movie was number one at the box office on its opening week..amazing.

  2. I saw this on hbo back in the day, and loved it. Most movies starring wrestlers wind up being cheesefests at best, but this one was quite good.

  3. plcary says:

    They Live rules! Now that you posted about it I will have to watch it for about the 30th time. The fight scene is one of the greatest ever!

  4. Patrick, I’ve tried getting the Blu-Ray in my neck of the woods. I truly can’t find a copy of it, I do hope that means fans are just nabbing it up before I can get one. :)

  5. Kryptos973281 says:

    Love the movie. After it was shown here on TV, I went out and bought the VHS of it, then later, when it was available on DVD, I bought the DVD.

    And even now, 25 years after it came out, it still has the same magic. Last Saturday I attended a movie convention in Dortmund/Germany and fans even brought their very own OBEY signs, guns, sunglasses and alien heads with them!

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