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My First DEVO Album

I had two older sisters who were well versed in the late 70s and 80s rock bands. Now they were a couple of years older then me so their was a generation gap. So while they were sneaking cigarettes and listening to Zeppelin, BoC and the Clash in their rooms […]

Jamaica “One Love” Commercial

In New Jersey, on the local channels, they would play commercials for Jamaica tourism at least 50 times a day. All through my childhood I would play trips to Jamaica over and over in my head. I would get maps out of National Geographic and look at pictures, dreaming of […]

I’m Telling

I’m Telling was a Saturday morning game show for kids (NBC, 1987-88). It was the same format as The Newlywed Game, only instead of lovers and marrieds, siblings were isolated and had to predict how the other would answer. It usually featured regular kids, but here’s a clip the final […]