Pacifica and the San Francisco World’s Fair of 1939

Pacifica and the San Francisco World’s Fair of 1939


I remember watching some PBS special about World’s Fairs when I was a kid and I was particularly intrigued by the San Francisco World’s Fair of 1939. It seemed like such an interesting time to have such an event, with World War looming. When I moved to San Francisco I attempted to find pieces of the fair, but while some traces remain, the grandeur is gone. One think I hoped to see was the statue of Pacifica that seemed to be a focal point for the event. Sadly it is gone, but you can see a replica of the statue at City College.

Hope for a return of Pacifica burns brightly though and a project is underway to return her to her proper place on Treasure Island. A campaign for Pacifica II is trying to raise money and awareness, so why not check them out and help them raise a new “Statue of Liberty of the West” in the waters between Oakland and San Francisco. It might be a while before you get to see the mighty statue once again, so why not view it and the San Francisco World’s Fair of 1939 on all its glory.

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