Where Is The Love For Firefly?

Yes, Storm Shadow is awesome, and Snake Eyes is the prototype of awesome. Heck, even Jinx was pretty cool. All are ninja-like characters who are worthy of the love they still get today. I ask, though, where’s the love for Firefly?
I’m not sure if I had Snake Eyes or not. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have Storm Shadow (though I could be wrong). But I know I had Firefly. In my mind, he was just as awesome as SE or SS. He had a lithe camo outfit that was pretty ninja-like, and he was an infiltration expert, which is pretty ninja-like as well. In my mind, that made him a ninja, which is exactly how I used him.

Cool as I thought Firefly was, though, there were a couple of things I didn’t understand about him. I somehow understood that he was an infiltration and demolitions expert. But I didn’t understand that he was a mercenary and I certainly didn’t understand that he belonged to Cobra. I thought he was a Joe!
In all likelihood, the confusion comes from the fact that I often traded toys with the neighborhood kids, meaning that I would receive the toys without the packaging and the instruction manuals. So I had never read Firefly’s file card or seen the Cobra logo on his blister pack. I just saw him and had to make up my own story for him, which I did, turning him from Cobra saboteur to Joe wild card. But even though he wasn’t as noble as I thought he was, I still think he is worth some love.


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