1984 Space Ace Character Models For CBS Saturday Supercade!

Space Ace  - Ruby Spears
When Pitfall was replaced in the lineup of TV segments on the Saturday Supercade Show it fell to the Laserdisc Hit sequel to Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, to fill those big shoes.

[Via] Seanmc31076

Thanks to a late birthday gift from one of my best friends I can now share some of the Character Models used for the show! I love how they also use actual Don Bluth artwork as a character guide in terms of attitudes of the characters.

Space Ace Main Models
Space Ace Main Models C
Space Ace Main Models D
Space Ace Main Models ESpace Ace Main Models F
Space Ace Main Models G
Space Ace Main Models H
Space Ace Main Models I
Space Ace Main Models J

If for some reason you’ve never had the pleasure of watching the Saturday Supercade take heart, The Warner Bros. Archive has announced they are in the works of putting out a MOD DVD for the show…though due to copyright issues they’ve stated that some episodes might not be able to be included on the DVD.

Of course if you haven’t done so yet you might want to click on that link at the top of the post to listen to the Retroist’s Saturday Supercade podcast!


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2 thoughts on “1984 Space Ace Character Models For CBS Saturday Supercade!

  1. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    Very cool find. However, I was so disappointed when Pitfall! was replaced.

  2. As was the Retroist, my friend. I’m probably getting this mixed up but if I am remembering this correctly I was watching Dragon’s Lair on ABC and when it was finished I would switch to Saturday Supercade…generally catching the last few minutes of Space Ace.

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