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Back in October “Doug” posted about the Universal Monsters figures from Burger King in 1997. I agree completely with him that those were about the coolest fast food toy I have ever seen. The only thing to come close would be this set of 6 Universal Monsters figures from Jack in the Box released in 1999. I picked these up at a horror convention a few years ago. The Mummy is a wind-up toy that would come crashing out of his tomb. (at least he would if the wind up mechanism worked, mine does not.) The Wolfman is huge compared to the other figures. He screams out a frightening howl when you press the button on his back. (yes mine does still work.) The Phantom of the Opera is actually a working harmonica! The Creature from the Black Lagoon is a squirt gun toy. Frankenstein’s monster sits in an electric chair and his head glows green when you press the button on the back. Finally, Dracula spreads his arms open as if to fly when his button is pushed. So which is cooler? These Jack in the Box figures? Or the Burger King figures here:


Although the Jack in the Box figures offered more action features, I personally like the Burger King figures better. Maybe because they included these cool glow in the dark stickers below and the Jack in the Box figures did not. Let the debate begin!




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