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ABC Network TV Promo For Batman (1965)

With yesterdays announcement of Mattel Toys releasing their line of Batman 1966 figures it seemed the perfect time to share this ABC TV promo from back in December of 1965. Remember that the Batman series was originally planned as “Second Season” replacement and started it’s three year run on January […]

Two New Retro Podcasts

Prior to leaving on my cross-country road trip I loaded up on new podcasts to listen to. Here are two new retro-related podcasts that I added and greatly enjoyed listening to. On the 2600 Game by Game Podcast, Robert “Ferg” Ferguson is attempting to go through each Atari 2600 game […]

wico command control trackball

Wico Command Control Trackball

I remember the famous Wico Command Control Joysticks back in the VCS days. Their beautiful sticks were an eye catch black, red and white. I never got to play with one of their Trackballs, but it certainly looks sold. I just wish the fire button was mirrored on the right […]