Get Out the Green Army Men
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Get Out the Green Army Men

The other day I was wrestling with a task that a lot of parents do, trying to get my boys to clean up their room. As I was “lecturing” I thought back to when my brother and I shared a room as kids and we fought we my father on the same subject. A few particular memories stood out, our green army men and our cowboys and Indians .

My brother and I would spend an entire day (it seemed) setting up some epic battles . We had a few green army men helicopters that we would tie fishing line to and thumb tack to the ceiling. The best part of our battle scene was the Navaron playset. It was a tall plastic fortress that was open on the backside with openings that had large yellow cannons. We had so much fun with the Navaron fortress. In a recent treasure hunt in my mothers basement I was unable to find the set.

[via] Remembering the 1970s
[via] Remembering the 1970s

We also had another set, Fort Apache . This set wasn’t new for us, I believe it was a hand me down set but we loved it all the same. It was also a plastic set that had a folding case. The Fort Apache set was not used as much as the Navaron playset but I would love to have had hung onto this one as well.

So with these memories stirred up I will try to maybe be more forgiving of their scenes that they create with their figures.


I grew up in western New York in the late 70's early-mid 80's playing with my Star Wars and Fisher Price adventure people. I have to say it was a good time.

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  1. I had that Iwo Jima jungle mountain playset. It was a lot of fun and ranks up there with the Death Star playset.

  2. @Jedi I would say the Navaron set and the Death star got almost an equal amount of playtime, the edge going to the death star though.

  3. I remember comic book adds and yearning for them as much or more than I remember playing with the green army men themselves. There was a Roman army one in particular that I remember looking absolutely awesome, and a Civil War one too.

  4. I had both of those play sets and the Garage/Gas Station and literally played with them until there was literally nothing left!

  5. @Steve That is a good way of describing an army men collection. It needed constant replenishment or it would just fade away.

  6. I had a set of green army men, and a set of rainbow cowboys & indians, as well as some assorted animals (some in solid primary colors, others in more realistic paint). I don’t recall ever GETTING any of the human ones though, just some of the animal ones. I never had any kind of playsets or accesories though, the only thing I had was some plastic half-mountain (flat on the back) which had 2 or 3 ledges which I could satnd a fig on.

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