Coleco Adam Dragon’s Lair Game Manual (1984)

Coleco Adam Dragon’s Lair Game Manual (1984)

Coleco Adam Dragon's Lair
Sadly I never was lucky enough to own the Coleco Adam home computer back in my youth, I was already firmly in the Commodore 64 camp by that point. I’m not sure if I recall seeing the port of the arcade classic Dragon’s Lair for the Adam back in the day or not but after getting my hands on this awesome game manual thanks to the Arkadia Retrocade I certainly wanted to give the game a try.

I really like how it expands the story of Dragon’s Lair like in this opening page.
Coleco Adam Dragon's Lair B

Of course the wonderful stills from the Laserdic title certainly do not distract from the enjoyment of the manual.
Coleco Adam Dragon's Lair C
Coleco Adam Dragon's Lair D

The Smithy scene is one of my favorites from the arcade game.
Coleco Adam Dragon's Lair E
Coleco Adam Dragon's Lair F

And lest we forget that Dirk’s trials through the Dragon’s Lair even in a ported game will result in the classic fairy tale…
Coleco Adam Dragon's Lair G

As I previously stated that not owning the Coleco Adam I wasn’t sure if the game port was actually using scenes from the Laserdisc or perhaps it would be similar to the Dragon’s Lair I played on the C-64, thankfully Ed1269’s YouTube Channel answered that question.

For what it was worth at the time, this port of Dragon’s Lair like the one I played on the Commodore was a lot of fun if perhaps difficult to control in certain scenes.


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  1. This is awesome. I actually saw this manual on ebay a few weeks ago and almost picked it up. I’m glad I’m finally getting to see the inside of it.

  2. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, Sleepyeyed! I’ll make sure to upload the rest of the photos and attach it to the Retroist Flickr account, I’ll add the link when I’m done. :)

  3. Had this game for the Adam when it came out, and loved it, loved it, loved it.

    We probably all remember the backstory: Dragon’s Lair was seen at the time as a game-changer in the arcade industry. The first successful laserdisc game, incorporating traditional cel animation, and the first game to be a standard 50 cents to play instead of a quarter. It was huge.

    Coleco spent a mint getting the rights from Magicom, announcing to everyone that it would be developing a laserdisc add-on for the Adam that would let it play Dragon’s Lair.

    Never happened. Just wasn’t meant to be. After all that money spent, the laserdisc module became yet another Coleco piece of vaporware. We were lucky to get the Dragon’s Lair game on digital data pack (tape).

    The game, FWIW, was fun. I played it start to finish so many times….even though it was no longer a challenge to defeat. Once that became boring, I went looking for easter eggs or bugs….or made-up challenges like having all the rocks in a certain level destroyed….or something.

  4. Oh heck YES! Great scans Vic! I have this game with the original documentation and box. Really glad you brought shed some light on this as I am very fond of this manual and this port.

    Coleco ADAM forever. ColecoVision too ;)

  5. Love the descriptions, especially in the opening.

  6. Too bad a great manual is almost a thing of the past these days. Thanks for shedding some more light on an ambitious port of a landmark game.

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