Alan Thicke Sings “Sweaty and Hot” at the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship


You weren’t looking for it, but here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure. Alan Thicke performing “Sweaty and Hot” at the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship.


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2 thoughts on “Alan Thicke Sings “Sweaty and Hot” at the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship

  1. A funny Alan Thicke story for ya. I worked at the retailer Woolco during my teens as a maintenance guy. Alan Thicke was the spokes man for Woolco at the time doing a number of TV ads and magazine advertisements. The store received a huge signage kit that had to be implemented around the store. I will admit to being carpentry handicapped and probably the least “Handy” kid in Canada at that time so when it came to to install the large hanging think cardboard signage it was an issue.

    Several extremely large signs of Alan Thicke saying “Watch Out For Falling Prices” were to go front and center at the stores entrance. I was assigned the dubious task and did not have the guts to say I had no idea how to accomplish this assignment. So I had to find something to hang this sign from large steel beams in our ceiling as the signage kit did not come equipped with the proper hooks, string or anything to make it hang.

    I gathered some hooks and some strong fishing line and went to work on an insanely large ladder that reached all the way up to the very lights in our ceiling. The task was not easy. The sign was very big and difficult to manipulate. My inexperience didnt give me the foresight to tie the string to the steel beams first..Instead I tied the sign first and dangled myself all over that ladder to tie the at heavy bastard up. I was successful after 9-10 attempts. String went everywhere I took no chances the sign wasnt straight but it was the best I could do with my limited skill set.

    Alan Thicke was installed!! I walked to the back to drop off my supplies to the maintenance room when I hear an emergency page to the front of the store. It was the normal page when an accident occurred. I slowly walked to the isle leading to the front of the store and peered around the corner..the store manager and some other staff members were pulling an old lady out from in under the large Alan Thicke sign that I hand just clearly unsucessfully hung. The poster of Alans head had cracked off when it fell and hit the old lady blowing her off her feet. I didnt not have the guts to answer the page and after insisted I had been getting carts and did not hear the page.

    Looking back the sign contained its own warning..”Watch out for falling prices”..if that customer had only listened to Alan Thicke.

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