The Twilight Zone Board Game (1964)

The Twilight Zone Game - Board Game Geek 1964
Picture if you will, 1 to 4 players spending a rainy afternoon enjoying a 1964 board game released by Ideal, the players don’t know it yet but they’ve just begun to play…The Twilight Zone.

I was lurking around the internet this morning and stumbled upon this board game of what might possibly be my favorite TV series of all time. Thanks to the kind folks over at Board Game Geek we can see what the game looked like once it was out of the box…
The Twilight Zone Game B - Board Game Geek - 1964
…but I’ve been unable to find any information in regards to how the game play actually worked beyond this description: “In 1964, Ideal released a board game, simply titled The Twilight Zone Game, at the height of the show’s popularity. The game consisted of a cardboard playing surface, 4 colored playing pieces, a colored spinning wheel and 12 “door” playing cards.”

It’s kind of a rare game but if you feel like picking it up you can visit this seller on E*Bay where it will set you back a mere $279.64

Anyone have any recollections of playing the Twilight Zone Board Game?


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