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The weather was quite nice today, and it put me in mind of summer as akid. That in turn put me in mind of Doctor Snuggles. Doctor Snuggles aired on Nickelodeon on summer afternoons back in the mid-80s. In addition to the fact that it aired at that time, the show’s whole atmosphere feels extremely summery. The show’s creation is decidedly odd. It was produced conjointly by a British and a Dutch company. However, it was animated jointly by a japanese and an american company.


The show is very bright and colorful and both the stories and imagery are extremely fanciful. There’s a wooden rocketship named “Dreamy Boom Boom”, a robot made out of tin cans, which the doctor himself invented, a flying camel who lives in the clouds, clouds and rainbows in outer space, walking/talking trees that grow canned goods, talking animals. Doctor Snuggles himself is an old inventor who spends his time inventing robots, helping trees to fly, saving a frightened river from aliens, building diamond making machines, and many other whimsical adventures.

In this episode, Doctor Snuggles helps a tree to fly, then takes a wooden rocketship into outer space to find the tree when it gets lost:


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