You Can’t Do That On St. Patty’s

You Can’t Do That On St. Patty’s


I think all of us here remember “You Can’t Do That on Television”, but few of us have seen it’s original form. It’s very first season was decidedly different from what we saw on Nickelodeon (although still with many familiar things). The first season had hour long shows, and included unusual elements such as; music videos, disco contests, call-in contests, “jokes on the street”, etc. Personally, I find the call-in contest & joke on the street segments tedious & annoying, while the music videos & disco contests are hit & miss, depending on the specific songs. This season also had a vastly different opening segment than the more familiar one, featuring a “Where’s Waldo” clone and the parliament building instead of the sausage factory. Another big difference is the cast. Most of the familiar faces are missing, with the only two familiar ones in this episode being Lisa Ruddy and Les Lye. This does have a Christine (Moose) look-a-like though, Cyndi. She has the exact same hair as Moose (same wig?), but her face is completely different.

This episode was originally aired in Canada on March 17, 1979 (St. Patrick’s Day), and featured an abundance of green slime. The slime was first used in the previous episode, but this was the first episode to use the “I don’t know” line as the trigger.

Now, liven up your holiday with this ultra-retro episode of You Can’t Do That on Television:


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  1. Another fantastic post, Drahken! I’m possibly forgetting about it…but is there a You Can’t Do That On Television DVD set out there?

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