Donkey Kong Kill Screen Attempt By Jonathan McCourt At The Arkadia Retrocade!

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Exciting news has just come across the Retroist Central News desk that this evening Jonathan McCourt will attempt to reach a Donkey Kong Kill Screen at the Arkadia Retrocade!

Jonathan McCourt currently is the 25th best Donkey Kong player according to the Twin Galaxies site where he sits with a documented 729,700 points! Jonathan took part in the Kong Off 2 tournament last November where he competed among the giants of Donkey Kong High Score Holders like Hank Chien, Steve Wiebe, Billy Mitchell, Vincent LeMay, and Dean Saglio.

Jonathan will stream the attempt on his TwitchTV Channel which you can watch by following the link provided below. The live stream at the moment is having some issues, something to do with the camera set up so the Arkadia Retrocade has reported.

Updated: Looks like the feed is up and running.

Let’s all wish Jonathan the best of luck in his attempt!


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