Jem: Is Truly Outrageous


Music company owner Jerrica Benton by day, Jem was a “truly, truly outrageous” glam rock star by night. Her band, the Holograms, was rivals with a band called the Misfits, which are not the same Misfits where Glenn Danzig got his start in the ’70s.

Jem and the Holograms kind of resemble the real-life Mr. Mister, while the Misfits look suspiciously like early Motley Crue.

Brian Boone

From the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Northwest, I contribute to the Retroist, write for trivia publications, and blog about music in a humorous fashion. I feel about "Back to the Future" the way you feel about "Star Wars." Also, I'm married and have a child (sorry ladies, orphans).

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