Catweazle, the British Jeanie


Catweazle is a fun little show that I stumbled onto a couple years ago. It’s a British sitcom from the 70s, and bears a number of similarities to “I Dream of Jeanie”. The titular Catweazle is a hedgewizard from the middle ages who has been trying to find a flying spell. One of his attempts sent him flying alright… through time. He landed in the present (at the time of the show’s creation, ie 1970s) and is confounded by the modern world, modern devices all seem like magic to him (“electrickery”, “telling bone”, cars, etc). Catweazle himself sometimes appears to truly have magical powers, but he is generally seen as just a crazy old hermit.

The show lasted for two seasons. In the first season he lands on a farm, where he befriends the farmer’s teenaged son, and tries to hide from the rest of the world while he tries to find a way back to his own time. He eventually succeeds, but is drawn back to the modern era later, thus giving us the second season. In the second season he lands near a manor house and befriends the owner’s son (this time a younger boy, about 12 or 13), then sets about gathering the 12 signs of the zodiac to try to complete a spell to make him fly.

As you see these images and videos, I’m sure it won’t take you long to recognize the source of my avatar. ;)

This is an episode from the second season:

There’s also a British professional wrestler who patterns himself after the Catweazel character. Finding clips of this guy while looking for episodes of the sitcom was my first experiences with British pro wrestling. It’s largely the same as it’s american counterpart, yet also decidedly different, it seems to include elements of boxing.


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