DC Heroes RPG

DC Heroes Roleplaying Game Ad

I preferred the Marvel RPG, but when a friend brought this over to play, I dabbled. You wouldn’t know it when looking at me, but I make a heck of a Green Lantern.

DC Heroes RPG


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3 thoughts on “DC Heroes Roleplaying Game Ad

  1. Had The Batman Role playing game which was very fun but had limited playability and the promised add on Roleplaying guides were never released. This one always looked great! Plus it was SuperPowers which is always the tops in Super Hero action in the 80s.

  2. I totally played this. I have no memory whatsoever of what it was like. But I do remember my hero had a pair lightning tubes – clear long thin cylinders that had captured electricity within them which could blast out in a stream of fiery bolts . He would wear them on his back, like Storm Shadows’ swords. And then whip them out when he needed to attack!

    Nerd? Yes.

  3. I was the Game Master for this and the Marvel Superheroes game during our lunch breaks back in High-School! I would normally stick to villain encounters with the Marvel Superheroes sessions and go grand with the DC Heroes games.

    Like protecting the Earth from an invasion by the armies of Apokolips…though I never had Darkseid show up or anything like that. Just his lieutenants and such. Had a player that just rocked as the Martian Manhunter…and a horrible player that took on the role of Batman. When I say bad I mean I had to keep reminding him that Batman didn’t pack a gun during an adventure. :P

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