Crazy Eddie is Insane!!

If you grew up in the New York tri-state area you might remember the insane face from above. It’s Jerry Carroll spokes-madman of the electronic super-chain Crazy Eddie. The company started in Brooklyn in 1971 and within a decade had 43 store in four states. They had decent deals on electronics, but that is not why people remember this store, it was because of the classic ads. Jerry starred in all of these commercials and played the role of a maniacal salesman who is so “crazy” he gives away his goods.


Sadly Crazy Eddie had some questionable business practices and went out of business in the late 80s. They even made an attempt in the 90s to revive the brand, but that failed as well. All we are left with now is the enduring performance of Jerry Carroll, which has inspired many imitators. It not a bad legacy. Don’t believe me? Just ask Malfunctioning Eddie:


And now for the commercials:


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