Circus Charlie Arcade Flyer (1984)

Circus Charlie - Arcade Flyer Archive
It doesn’t happen too often but its kind of a great feeling when you learn of a classic arcade title that you never had run across before in your youth. This was the case last Sunday when Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanston of the fantastic ‘No Quarter’ Podcast picked Circus Charlie as the arcade game they were going to discuss. I’m not sure why none of the arcades in my neck of the woods failed to carry this charming game but if they had I believe this would have quickly been one of my favorites.

Circus Charlie B - Arcade Flyer Archive
Circus Charlie C - Arcade Flyer Archive

Take a look at the game play for Circus Charlie.
[Via] Old Classic Game

Beside a big thanks to Mike and Carrington for cluing me in on what I was missing with Circus Charlie, I need to thank as always the Arcade Flyer Archive for the awesome scans you see above.


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