Action Max

The closest I ever got to an Action Max video game console was the closest I got to a lot of toys: the commercial. I never saw an Action Max in person. Maybe I saw one in Toys R Us. Maybe not. But I definitely saw this commercial many, many times.

Action Max was brought to us by Worlds of Wonder, the same company that produced Lazer Tag, Teddy Ruxpin, and the Stuff-It Binder. It was a video game console in the truest sense of the word. The games it ran were actual VHS video that had to be played on your VHS deck.
Because the games were actual VHS videos, they never changed and had limited replayability. Still, the commercial made them look cool. I was especially interested in the Pops Ghostly game.

As I understand it, there weren’t a whole lot of these games, and they were all shooters. But like all things Worlds of Wonder, it was great in theory even if it wasn’t that great in practice.


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