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I got on an article writing spree today, and when I was thinking about it it reminded me of a line from an old song: “Once you get started, it’s hard to stop. You just go for your partner’s you-know-what, then you G-R-A-B T-H-E-M C-A-K-E-S!”

As many of you have probably already realized, the song is from “Grab Them Cakes” on the original WWF Wrestling Album. We got this album when it first came out (LP version), which was also about the same time that I first started getting into wrestling. I don’t remember for certain, but it’s quite likely that the album played a large part in my developing an interest in wrestling. The best song on the album was “A Real American”, a really rockin’ song that created a very summer vacation-y feel. By far the worst song was the russian anthem, which did not fit at all with the rocking nature of the rest of the album. I can’t help but wonder if they did it that way intentionally, to sort of subliminally enforce patriotism.

Speaking of the “Real American” song, I remember it creating a lot of confusion for me, with Hogan performing on that song while having his own theme on the album, then turning around and using Real American as his wrestling theme instead of the Hulk Theme (although that did wind up getting used as the theme for the Rock N Wrestling cartoon).

Apparently Real American was intended to be used by the US Express (Windum and Rotundo), but they left WWF shortly after the album’s release.

Without further ado, here’s the song which inspired this latest addition to my article spree:

The user has also uploaded the rest of the songs from the album here.


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