The Secret of Monkey Island

While digging through a bin of used CDs recently I ran across a mint copy of The Secret of Monkey Island. At a price of 99 cents, how could I refuse?

The Secret of Monkey Island was released in 1990 by LucasArts. In the game. players must help Guybrush Threepwood solve puzzles during his quest to become a pirate. The game is known for its graphics, sound, and overall sense of humor. Here’s a complete play through of the entire game.

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3 thoughts on “The Secret of Monkey Island

  1. A WONDERFUL version is in the App Store — absolutely the best implementation of it ever done. Brand new graphics, symphonic score, AAA voice-acting! And, as an added bonus, at *any* time during the game, a 2-finger sideways swipe will turn the game into it’s AMIGA version — graphics/MIDI music/sound effects completley intact! Truly a legacy of the handcrafted glory that was once LucasArts gaming …. It’s creator, Ron Gilbert, just released a very “Maniac Mansion”-like game called “The Cave” that, hopefully, will make it’s way to iPad very, very soon.

  2. Well, crud. I wish I had read your comment last week as I was on a road trip and spent a lot of time bored in a hotel room. I will definitely get those loaded onto my iPad for the next time I go out of town!

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