Full On YouTube – Double Dragon

Did you know you can see some of the best movies from our childhoods on YouTube in their entirety? They are


Okay, this one is pushing the retro label a little bit, at least it is for me. 1994 is a little past what I consider retro prime. But it is based on a retro property, and it has Alyssa Milano in it. Alyssa Milano! That’s retro cred right there. Plus, it has the Martial Artist Presently Known As The Chairman in it. I give you Double Dragon.


And pushing the retro envelope even further, let me suggest another movie with the present Chairman, one I just discovered. It’s Drive from 1997. Yeah, that’s way out of the retro era, but it is a retro-ish buddy action film, far more Tango and Cash than Cop Out. It also has Dwayne Wayne and the Chairman busting out some Jackie Chan-worthy moves, and is worthy of watching.



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