Capcom’s Street Fighter X Mega Man Is Getting Physical!

Street Fight X Mega Man - Capcom Unity
Hopefully by this point you’ve had the opportunity to play the awesome free Street Fighter X Mega Man title that Capcom released back in December of 2012, especially since a few weeks back they were kind enough to include a password system to the game. If not you can follow that link provided and download it and see what you have been missing…or maybe you want to wait until next week when you can purchase it for $20.

Wait, what? Surely you are asking why you would spend $20 for a free game, right? That’s because over at the Capcom Store starting next week you can buy an 8GB Mega Buster USB stick that not only contains the latest up to date version of the title but also includes four issues of the Mega Man comic book series, plus the game soundtrack, wallpapers, and the digital versions of the Mega Man Tribute Art Book as well as the Mega Man X Complete works book.

[Via] Capcom-Unity


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