AD&D Comic Book Ads

Comics of the mid-80s were filled with ads for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons supplements. I never got to play any of these supplements. I never got to play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I never even got to play regular Dungeons and Dragons. But I did spend a lot of time looking at these ads and dreaming of what I could get to do if I ever did get a chance to play. Here are just a few of those ads that kept me dreaming.









Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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5 thoughts on “AD&D Comic Book Ads

  1. Chentzilla says:

    The monster from the first ad (the upside-down one) is an Astral Dreadnought. This picture served as a prototype for Cacodemon from Doom.

  2. Yeah, if I understand correctly, it wasn’t even in the first edition of the manual and they had to add it in later additions. It’s a really cool creature.

  3. Only played legit Dungeons and Dragons twice with real gamers. The other times were with people who had no clue how to roleplay. Always loved this game and had some of the manuals and guides but alas very few to play with. I remember these ads passionately. There were another set of comic book panel style ads that I loved as well. I just posted them in my own blog after this inspiration. Great stuff Doug. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. Remember these?

  4. Charlton, I found those too. Since you’ve already got them scanned, why not send the Retroist a post about them?

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