tasters choice 1971

Spy on your Sneaky Wife as she makes Taster’s Choice

Advertising is never kind to people in relationships. Now the TV ad landscape is littered with shrewish women and stupid men. Back in the 1970s it has misogynistic paranoid men and ditzy sneaky women. The actors are all the same, but the roles they play have changed only slightly.

What you don’t see in this ad is the resolution of the confrontation that followed between the husband and wife. He barges in and demands she perk some fresh coffee. She throws the coffee on him. He smashes the percolator and lunges at her. She puts a fondue fork into his head. You know how it goes. They are still married and live down in Florida. I usually go and visit them on holidays.

tasters choice 1971


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2 thoughts on “Spy on your Sneaky Wife as she makes Taster’s Choice

  1. The Cosmic Joker says:

    What the guy looking through the key hole doesn’t know is that we’ve secretly replaced his regular Taster’s Choice coffee crystals with very small rocks. Can he tell the difference?

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