Where’d the Ho-Hos Go Go?
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Where’d the Ho-Hos Go Go?

When the Hostess company went belly-up everyone was kicking up a fuss about Twinkies, but where’s the love for the Ho-Hos??

Twinkie clones can be found everywhere and most of them taste very close to the originals, but Ho-Ho clones are much harder to find and finding ones which even come close to the originals is nearly impossible. To make matter worse, Ho-Hos were always my #1 favorite snack cakes. Twinkies were decent and the cupcakes were good, but Ho-Hos were the bomb.

When I was a kid, Ho-Hos came wrapped in foil instead of plastic, and were a rare treat due to their higher cost. A much more common treat was Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls, which really taste nothing at all like Ho-Hos. Don’t get me wrong, I like The flavor of the Little Debbie ones quite a bit & often crave them specifically, but they’re as much of a substitute for Ho-Hos as root beer is a substitue for Dr Pepper.

Ho-Hos have also been a birthday tradition for me for a long time. I think it started when I was about 12 or 13, though I really don’t remember for certain. I was never very fond of regular cake because it always had too low of a frosty to cake ratio in each bite. At some point, Ho-Hos became my official birthday cake, instead of a cake full of candles I would get a box of Ho-Hos with candles jammed into it. My birthday this past January was the first time in about two decades that I wasn’t able to have my Ho-Hos cake. McKee Foods (the company behind Little Debbie) seems to be the high bidder for the Drake’s brand products formerly owned by Hostess, which includes products like RingDings and a Ho-Ho-like product called Yodels. I’ve never had (nor even heard of) Yodels before, but maybe they’ll be a good substitute…

I really hope that somebody hurries up and buys the rights to Ho-Hos and starts producing them again, AND that they don’t screw around with the recipe in the process.

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  1. You are correct about the difference between Swiss Cake Rolls and Ho-Hos (and really between any Little Debbie product and its Hostess counterpart). I love Little Debbies, but Hostess not only had a different (perhaps better?) taste but also a unique, more substantial texture.

  2. I have made no secret out of my love for Hostess Products. I enjoy a Little Debbie every once in a while, but I always thought they had just a little too much sweetness. I always found that Hostess and Drake’s had more of a balance to their flavor.

    Of course some days I just need some Zebra Cakes and Star Crunch.

  3. Everything Hostess was just wonderful. I would even talk to the Hostess delivery people when they stocked the shelves to tell them.

    That and a bottled real sugar Coke.


  4. In our house, Drakes was the norm and Hostess was the rarity. Why? Drakes was just better. IMHO, Yodels were far superior to Ho-Ho’s in almost every way; Ring Dings were better than Big Wheels, King Dons, or Ding Dongs (whichever regional name your Hostess brand carried). Drakes also had Coffee Cake Jr. which was a great treat. The only place Hostess shown was in the Twinkie, which I think is the reason why its loss is so mourned. Drakes also had Funny Bones, Swiss Rolls (far better than their Little Debbie namesake), Devil Dogs, and Yankee Doodles. Drake’s was a largely NE regional brand. I couldn’t get them in AZ even when they were in business.

  5. I’m more a fan of the Hostess Cupcakes. Luckily in Canada, we still have those Hostess snacks… for now!

  6. Dude! Have you been reading my reviews of Hostess products that I’ve been putting on on my site?

    I don’t mean to spam you.

    Was never a fan of Ho Hos really though, but I feel for you. I’m hoping someone gets Ding Dongs and does them “right”

  7. Is the spokesman in the comic above supposed to be a log or a large, intelligent Ho-Ho snack cake? And if he is a Ho-Ho, wouldn’t the advocation of eating Ho-Ho cake snacks like himself be a little like cannibalism?

    I’m sure Twinkie the kid and Captain Cupcake suffered that kind of scrutiny too.

  8. The mascot is a living ho-ho.

    I’ve never seen drake’s products around here (neither before hostess bought them out, nor after), so I haven’t a clue how their products compare.

    I’ve always liked little debbie products (I wish I knew why they stopped making their peanutbutter cracker sandwiches, those were the single best brand), particularly the fact that they had so much variety compared to hostess. Ho-hos were the single hostess product that I really yearned for. I was never a huge twinkies fan (they’re good, they’re just not fantastic), cupcakes & donettes are a dime a dozen & fairly consistant between brands, and I don’t think there’s a single other hostess product that I like much at all.

  9. The heck with Ho-Hos.
    The loss of Chocodiles is the real atrocity.
    So beloved, some guy started a thriving business to buy ’em online >
    [TIP: Check out the bonus Banana Twinkies …. *wink*]

    I agree 100% with Badwolf’s “Hostess Vs. Drake” assessment.
    Hostess has it’s stars, but overall, Drake’s is the winner.
    Lots of pronounced, diverse flavors.

    As mentioned, Yodels are VASTLY superior to Ho-Hos.
    Especially when frozen & with ice-cold milk.

    Drake’s little square apple pies?
    And thier Swiss Rolls?
    Oh, my ….

    Lastly — Little Debbies=ÜBER FAIL.
    Tastes like a sugar sponge coated in corn syrup.
    Although, in a pinch, Zebra Cakes will do.

  10. @robotspjs
    I tapped your name but get a SERVER NOT FOUND error message.

    But I take it from your comment that you & I concur on the great snack company duality? lol
    Lest I forget, Tastykake of course.
    I would commit a mortal sin fir one of their apple pies ….

    Hostess’s are OK.
    But, for some strange reason, I love thier “French Apple Pie”.
    I say “strange” because I absolutely loathe raisins & the FAP has them.
    Haven’t seen one lately, so I guess they stopped making them for whatever reason.

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