Retro Console Second Looks

You are probably used to an NES that looks like this:
While that is the most common look for the NES, it is not the only one. Nintendo also put out the NES-101, also called the NES 2 or NES Toploader. Not only did this new version of the NES do away with the original’s unique cartridge-loading system, but it was much smaller, had sliding buttons rather than pushable ones, didn’t have the infamous lock-out chip, and had ergonomic “dogbone” controllers. While I am and always will be a lover of the original NES, I have acquired a toploader and use it regularly since it isn’t subject to the original’s blinking red light problems.
And the NES isn’t the only retro console to have more than one look. A couple others did as well. For example, the Atari Jr. was an updated Atari VCS/2600, one that brought the console out of the 70s and into the 80s by ditching the faux woodgrain top and metal switches for a metallic rainbow bezel and plastic buttons.
The Genesis also had a model 2, which was smaller and sleeker than the original.
Now these second looks might not be what first comes to your mind when you think of these great consoles. They certainly aren’t what first comes to mind. But they are good looks nonetheless. I may not love them as much as I do the originals, but I certainly like them and don’t mind having them around.


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