Remember Pan Am? Anyone?

Isn’t this awesome? I got it at a place called Old Stuff Only. I nearly squealed when I found it there – and it’s completely intact!!


Judging by the Pan Am logo and the $1.49 price tag I’m going to say that this supermarket toy is, at the very youngest, 30 years old (and Pan Am’s been out of business since 1991, too).

This toy satisfies so many of my retro loves: supermarket items, airline ephemera, tiny vintage toys. And the fact that it’s intact just astonishes me – it’s probably been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for the last 30 years. Amazing!

Here’s a collage I did using vintage airline ephemera – with so many airlines merging or just going away, it makes me love this stuff even more.


Mel Kolstad

I live the Retro dream!Not only do I get to collect all sorts of awesome vintage ephemera, I then get to MAKE ART WITH IT.And people have actually paid me money to do so.I know.I have to pinch myself, too.:D

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