Saturday Frights: Tales From The Crypt – “Cutting Cards”

Saturday Frights: Tales From The Crypt – “Cutting Cards”

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back to another episode of Saturday Frights! This week we have a particularly dark and gloriously twisted episode from the HBO Tales From The Crypt series entitled “Cutting Cards”. Originally airing on April 21, 1990 this episode is like most of the episodes of the series, it is based on the original story from EC Comics’ Tales From the Crypt series from the 1950s.

EC Comics - Tales From the Crypt - Cutting Cards

The story deals with two big time gamblers who despise each other so much that not only is the town not big enough for the both of them but they can’t stand the other even being alive. Reno Crevice is played by the talented character actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Terminator, Tron: Uprising) who rolls into town to find a high stakes game of chance only to learn that his nemesis Sam Forney, played by the equally talented Kevin Tighe (Emergency!, The Six Million Dollar Man), has bankrupted all of his old gambling friends. Quickly the betting becomes a matter of life and death.

Now let me give fair warning on this episode, it contains gore and some VERY salty language, so don’t invite the family in for this particular Saturday Frights or watch it with your Grandmother…unless your Grandmother is awesome and loves Tales From the Crypt!
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As always I want to thank the talented Sean Hartter for that awesome artwork you see up top!


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