When XUXA Came to America – The Pilot Episode of XUXA


In 1993, XUXA started a self-titled kids’ show here in the US. What many of us didn’t know at the time though was that it was just an adaptation of a show she had been doing for years in South America. The show had a lot of controversy due to her outfits & her practice of kissing some kid at the end of every episode, but the parent groups who complained about her (quite tame, really) outfits in the American version of the should would totally plotz if they saw the South American version. The outfits XUXA wore there would be far more fitting to some MTV show than any children’s show.

I watched XUXA on the Family Channel in the mid 90s. XUXA herself was hot & I enjoyed the songs, but the games segments I found very boring and the guests on each episode were very hit or miss. Consequently, I had it timed out so that I would tune in for the opening, then flip to something else (often Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which also had some good music), then flip back to XUXA just in time for the next song, flip away when it went to a game or commercial, flip back in time for the next song, etc.

I found this pilot clip online recently. I don’t know the history behind it, but being familiar with the American series it launched, and having seen several clips from the South American series, I find this pilot clip quite interesting. It has XUXA singing and speaking in english (albeit her adorably accented english) and wearing her infinitely tamer American type outfit, yet it features her spaceship (a central piece of her Brazilian show, but one absent from the American one) and her Brazilian costumed sidekicks instead of the American ones. (The American show had a panda and a leopard or cheetah, with their faces fully concealed. The brazilian show however had more bizarre & sometimes unrecognizable costumes such as some kind of insect, and their faces were uncovered.)


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