Westworld Theater Flyer (1973)

Westworld Flyer - Plcary
This week we’ve been on a kick with the the parks of Delos, we’ve shared the Making of Westworld as well as the announcement of Shout! Factory’s release of Futureworld, so I felt it time to share this wonderful 1973 theater flyer I picked up from our very own Plcary!

Since Plcary and I live in the same neck of the woods he is kind enough to give me the lowdown on where some of the choice items are at nearby flea markets. In this particular case I bought the flyer from his own booth…I need to head back next week and pick up his Planet of the Apes board game!

Westworld Flyer 2 - Plcary

What do you all think? Is it time for the Retroist to do a Westworld podcast?


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6 thoughts on “Westworld Theater Flyer (1973)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Holy heat-detectin’ pistols, Patrick!
    That’d make an Epic Podcast!

    I already got my tickets for Delos’ Retroist-Arcade-Getaway resort.

    I’m sure the arcade operator bots are stacked with tokens and *won’t* try to open me up to collect coins.
    And also, Pac-Man will *certainly not* step out of his cabinet and chase me around the place, trying to munch me like a king-size power pellet.

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