It’s Fun to Sell Stuff!

The back of comics were always filled with ads for things that you could sell to earn prizes. I never really understood the economics behind it, but I never did it because even at an early age it struck me as unfair. Would you do your full-time adult job and then later redeem points you earned for fabulous prizes? Like this electric typewriter?


No? Well you are pretty smart and your neighbors and friends probably appreciate that you didn’t try to sell them boxes of Seeds and Christmas Cards. Comics nowadays don’t have these ads, but thanks to the magic of the web and my scanner, you can see them again.


Grit was America’s Family Newspaper that no one in your family ever read.


The Sales Leadership Club – Sell 24 boxes of cards and check out the sweet stereo you can get.


I don’t know how anyone sells seeds. Those who did are the future sales geniuses and are now running the world.


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