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This is an obscure little cartoon by the same company that brought us Deputy Dawg, Heckle & Jeckle, and Mighty Mouse (among others). This came out in the 1960s and seems to be heavily inspired by Deputy Dawg. The lead character is of course Possible Possum himself, who is an almost exact copy of Musky Muskrat from the Deputy Dawg cartoon, he
both looks and acts very much the same. Billy Bear is analogous to Deputy Dawg in appearance and mentality, though he is undeniably a sidekick. Mr. General (owner of the general store) looks exactly the same as the sheriff in Deputy Dawg and fills the same “only recurring human” role in this cartoon. Macon Mouse meanwhile acts like Vincent Van Gopher, and fills a similar role as Possible Possum’s sidekick. The owl is the only recurring character in this series which has no analog in the Deputy Dawg show.


Now, I have watched & loved the Deputy Dawg show since before I can even remember, but I had never heard of this Possible Possum show or character until just the other day. Watching these cartoons is like finding long lost episodes of one of my favorite cartoons. In addition to his physical resemblance to Musky Muskrat, Possible Possum gets his
name from his catchphrase “it’s poss-i-bool, it’s poss-i-bool”, which is also something Musky used to say in some of the older Deputy Dawg cartoons. I think CBS (owner of Terrytoons at the time) must have seen that Musky was the most popular character & decided to build a new cartoon around him.

Unfortunately, information about Possible Possum is extremely scarce online, all I can find are episode titles & years. If anyone out there has more concrete info on this series, I’d love to know it.


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