Alice Cooper’s 1986 “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” from Friday the 13th Part 6


Welcome back Retro fiends! Well, we have come to our final stop on my examination of music videos from the golden Age of MTV. But what could a horror kid like me use to close out this series? Why, none other than the great Alice Cooper’s 1986 song He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) from the film Friday the 13th Part 6!

The video begins with a poor young man being denied the use of the family car to go to the movies due to his atrocious grades. Well he goes anyway (via his own two feet), and of course the movie being shown is the aforementioned installment of Friday the 13th which is unspooling to an audience of extras that look like they just stepped off the set of Bava’s Demons.

Suddenly Jason Voorhees makes like Johnny Weissmuller (or maybe Ron Ely) and swings on a vine directly through the movie screen…but it isn’t ol’ zombie face at all, but a disguised Alice Cooper! Then, continuity be damned, the screen is repaired, and Alice keeps interrupting the movie, terrifying our heroes (the boy mentioned above and his girlfriend) who soon step inside the movie screen where they are trapped by Alice and his militia of writhing dancers (reading this back, it seems like I’ve lost my mind, but I assure you this actually happens in the video)!

How does this all end? The boy and his girlfriend escape their cage, Jason murders Alice on the big screen, and the kid’s father is revealed to be Alice…I think I need to lie down.

You really need to check the video out for yourself and you can do so right here:

Also, special thanks to Sean Hartter for providing colors for my illustration to this article! Next time I begin a new series that is guaranteed to return you to the days of high adventure!

Stay Spooky!

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