La-La Land Records Releases The Soundtrack For Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards!!

A soundtrack that I have been waiting for going on 31 years has finally been released thanks to the folks over at La-La Land Records. In collaboration with the film’s original composer Andrew Belling and filmmaker Ralph Bakshi, La-La Land Records has given us fans of this fantastic cult film a mighty gift indeed.

I received my copy in the mail on Saturday and it has been in heavy rotation the entire weekend, the funky 70s sound of most the tracks blends wonderfully with moments of Miles Davis inspired Jazz, rock riffs and the hauntingly sad “Time Will Tell” theme. This release also allows us to hear more of Belling’s score than we do in the actual film as some cues and segments were excised from the film and in certain battle scenes the audio effects drown out the music.

In case you have not yet been introduced to the film here is the trailer where you can hear a bit of Andrew Belling’s groovy score.

Now like most of La-La Land offerings these are limited edition prints, Wizards has a run of only 2000, so if you want the score then you need to follow the link provided up top and secure your copy quickly.

From the Press Release:


La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox present the world premiere release of composer Andrew Belling’s (STARCHASER) original motion picture score to the 1977 Twentieth Century Fox animated cult classic WIZARDS, written and directed by Ralph Bakshi. For this still-timely, post-apocalyptic fantasy regarding a pint-sized wizard who saves the universe from fascist mutants, Belling conjures a dynamic mix of synth and live players, creating a one-of-a-kind musical soundscape that inventively melds dramatic narrative scoring with experimental rock, jazz and electronics. Produced by Nick Redman and Ford A. Thaxton and meticulously mastered by James Nelson with input from Belling, this special limited release of 2000 Units includes the never-before-heard Full Version of the song “Time Will Tell” performed by Susan Anton. Exclusive, in-depth liner notes by film music writer Randall Larson take you behind the scenes of this beloved gem and its remarkable score – and includes new comments from the composer and director.

NOTE: Some musical elements of WIZARDS were not found – most significantly the main title (a delicate synth-choral melody that runs over the brief opening titles). Additionally, some brief transition cues were also missing. However, the primary components of the score as it was recorded are all here, PRESENTED IN MONO, and featuring several unused cues that were found to have survived.”


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