The Big Stuffed Dog

Everybody here at remembers and loves the animated Peanuts specials. But how many of us remember the live-action Peanuts special? There was one. It was called The Big Stuffed Dog.

Notice that it is called a "Peanuts" special on the movie art.
Notice that it is called a “Peanuts” special on the movie art.

The Big Stuffed Dog was apparently an NBC special movie event from 1981, which is close to the boundary of my memory. I remember seeing it once. Only once. But it apparently made an impression on me. Though I can’t remember much of the plot, I do know that it involved a large Snoopy stuffed doll that got separated from its owner, a little boy. I think the climax involved the doll being fished from a river. I know, though, that I was heartbroken by the thought that the doll was lost and the boy might not get him back and rejoicing when they were finally reunited.

Unfortunately, there are only a few VHS copies of this movie floating around, and they are selling for more than I’m willing to pay. The only thing I could find on YouTube was this short promo:

So if you know where I can get this for cheap, please forward the info. I’d love to see the Snoopy doll fished from the river again.


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