This Transformers Snow Sculpture Will Make Your Day Better!

Image courtesy of io9.Com
Image courtesy of io9.Com

I know that Connecticut last week received the brunt of Winter Storm Nemo with an estimated 35 inches of snow affecting the state but I’m thinking now that they need to take a page from the Japanese City of Asahikawa and use that snow to build their very own Transformers Sculpture.

Image courtesy of io9
Image courtesy of io9

The sculpture entitled “More Than Meets The Eye” is 65 feet tall, over 426 feet across and 131 feet deep. 250 workers using a frame to support the sculpture spent a month using snow cleared from roads and ended up being 6,000 truckloads worth of snow.

I’m pretty sure that if I was able to gaze up at Optimus Prime opening up the Matrix of Leadership every morning on the way to work I would be a much happier Vic Sage.

A huge thanks to io9 for the heads up on the story as well as the images you see above.


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