Fuel your Nostalgia Machine with these 1986 Retro Commercial Breaks


I will often scour YouTube for retro commercials that fuel the ol’ nostalgia machine. Often, you can find well-preserved commercial breaks from a favorite channel that you remember watching. Spliced together, these are anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes long. Amusingly enough, to create these videos, the commercials aren’t edited out — the shows themselves are. I really enjoy commercial break videos. Re-watching familiar ads has a way of taking me right back to that particular time period, and sometimes you’ll see a fairly obscure commercial spot that really ignites a memory. The “Doorways to Horror” ad (near the end) does that for me. I never owned the game, never even played it. But I vividly recall it, for whatever reason. I think it’s the way the werewolf pronounces the title of the game. Maybe one of these ads will do that for you. Enjoy.

This happens to be a WPIX (Channel 11, NY) commercial break from late fall, 1986.

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