The Muppets Valentine Show


Believe it or not, the muppets really did have a valentine’s special back in 1974. This was the first of two pilots for The Muppet Show. Aside from Crazy Harry (the wild guy who blows up stuff), known as “Crazy Donald” here, no well known Muppet characters were introduced in this show. A few well known ones did appear in this show (Kermit, Rowlf, Bert & Ernie (the last three of which only get a cameo at the very end)), but they had already been established characters prior to this special.

This special is essentially The Muppet Show, but with a little less randomness, a vague plot tying it all together, and it’s set in a house instead of a theater. The second pilot “The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence” was much more wild & random, with the resulting ongoing Muppet Show falling somewhere in between the two.

While Kermit does feature in this special, he is not the host of the show. The show is hosted by an author character, “Wally”. The plot is that Wally is writing a book about love, which leads to various vignettes featuring some of the other characters. As with The Muppet Show which would follow, most of the vignettes in this special are musical to one degree or another. The special features Mia Farrow as the human guest star.

Probably the most bizarre thing in this special is the fact that the janitor has a love affair with his mop (I kid you not).

Enjoy watching this special while you wait for someone to give you a box of chocolates this holiday. (sadly the uploader disabled embedding).

Watch Part 1 on YouTube

Watch Part 2 on YouTube

Watch Part 3 on YouTube


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