The Berenstain Bears’ Comic Valentine Special

The Berenstain Bears’ Comic Valentine Special


This special first aired in 1982. Brother Bear is getting ready for hockey season when he starts getting valentines from a secret admirer. Most of the story is about Brother Bear alternately trying to prepare for the big hockey game & trying to figure out who’s stalking him with valentines. There’s also a subplot with Papa Bear trying to make big
valentines for his wife & failing, and a Grinch-esque subplot of Sister bear giving the “outcast because he’s different” Big Paw Bear a valentine. True to the classic Berenstain Bears specials, this has several songs & endless rhyming.

Oh, how I long for the days when Berenstain specials were on the airwaves several times each year. The endless rhyming gets old fast if you make the mistake of watching several back to back, but it’s rather fun and festive if taken in doses of only one every couple of months.



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