A Special Valentine with the Family Circus


What is there to say about this special? Not much. (Except perhaps that it should have been spelled “speshul”.)

Honestly, this half-hour of inanity makes the newspaper strips look wildly entertaining by comparison. The “plot” is that the Keane family kids are making their own valentines to give to their parents. They get competitive with each other, laugh at PJ’s drawing, make a mess, and put the audience to sleep. That’s really all there is to it.

The only actual entertainment I got from this whole “speshul” was this 2 second scene near the end, I find myself wondering exactly what PJ is thinking;

“Go ahead and laugh at my drawing, I haven’t outgrown these beauties yet.”
“…And you wonder why I have remained an infant for over 50 years, I know not to throw away something good.”
“Got milk? I do!”


For those of you who have insomnia, or perhaps have kids of your own which you want to lull to sleep so you can have some …private time… this holiday, here you go:


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